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To the drum


Width (mm) Drum diameter range (mm) Can withstand the force (KN)

500 250-500 6-49

650 250-630 6-70

800 250-1000 6-330

1000 250-1000 6-430

1200 250-1400 6-650

1400 315-1400 17-980

1600 630-1600 200-1280

1800 630-1600 200-1440

2000 630-1800 250-1600

2200 630-1800 280-1760

2400 630-1800 300-1760


【Application】: Applicable to machinery, metallurgy, mining, port, chemical and pharmaceutical, cement, building materials, steel, coal, etc .; is a variety of mobile belt conveyor drive device can also be used for fixed belt conveyor.

【Products】: Roller is divided into smooth, two kinds of plastic roller (which plastic sub-surface plastic drum and polyurethane two). In the power is not, the environment temperature can be used in the case of smooth roller. In the wet environment, power, easy to slip the case should be used plastic roller. Which change the drum rubber surface recommended polyurethane, polyurethane wear resistance, and its wear 

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